Viva Energy HQ Melbourne Victoria

  • Client: Richstone Group

1500-litre, 500mJ gas boosted and Tri-Gen heat recovery, hot water systems x 3 Dual ring main pump set.

  • Peak Hour Demand: 10,170-litres @ 65 Deg C 
  • Recovery Rate: 5,670-litres @ 50 Deg C rise
  • Model: SG2-250-1500HR x 3
  • Model: dual ring main?

Latrobe University Animal House

  • Client: Quantum Mechanical Services
  • 1000SSC litre calorifier 87kW coil
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers 450kW x 2

Australian Unity Carlton Wellbeing Centre Victoria

  • Independent low-care accommodation for 360 people
  • Client: Richstone Group

Solar pre-heated; 1000mJ gas fired, reticulated commercial hot water system. 

  • Peak Hour Demand: 4,410-litre @ 65 Deg C
  • Recovery Rate: 3,780-litres per hour @ 50 Deg C rise
  • Solar System: 7000 litre storage 1080 evacuated tubes
  • Solar Contribution: 7,000-litres per day @ 50 Deg C rise – annually averaged
  • Model: SG2-250-315e x 2
  • Model: G2SS1000 x 7
  • Model: G2EVT x 1080

Great Southern Hotel Melbourne Victoria

  • 166-guest room, 3 star hotel
  • Client: Chris Penny Plumbing

1302mJ Condensing Gas fired, reticulated commercial hot/warm water system

  • Peak Hour Demand:7,670-litres @ 65 Deg C
  • Recovery Rate: 5,670-litres @ 65 Deg C

G2 Aeris~8 Warm Water Delivery System

The Aeris houses a centralized thermostatic mixing valve station and incorporates a dual ring main pump set. Tempered water is automatically dosed via a Cu-Ag (copper,silver) ionisation system via the integral control system.

  • Model No: G2A8


Design and supply a high efficiency condensing hot water system and warm water reticulation package to replace existing Raypak boilers. Connect system to existing Edson 1000-litre stainless steel hot water storage cylinders. Reticulate the entire hotel with 50OC tepid water to overcome high temperature water fluctuation delivery to hotel guests.