Many organizations incur significant costs associated with equipment failure and its subsequent repair or replacement. The frequency of such failure can typically be reduced by periodic preventative maintenance.

G2 TECH can assist you with all of your preventative maintenance requirements, including:

- SITE ASSESSMENT and condition report for each asset within your premises
- SHEDULED MAINTENANCE proposal listing all of your assets and the servicing requirements
- REPORTING on condition and recommendations for future repairs and or replacement
- LIAISE WITH RELEVANT MANUFACTURERS for updates on service requirements or upgrades
- PRODUCE UP TO DATE MANUALS for all equipment onsite if required

COMMERCIAL OFFICE BUILDINGS, AGED CARE FACILITIES, OFFICE BUILDINGS & INDUSTRIAL SITES may require thermostatic mixing valves to be installed, annual testing and servicing of thermostatic mixing and tempering valves must be undertaken to ensure the valves are operating correctly and recorded in a register as per AS 4032.3;

BACK-FLOW PREVENTION devices may require installation in commercial or industrial sites including aged care facilities, laboratories, petrol stations, wash down bays, cleaners rooms and plant rooms etc, by regulation these devices must be tested annually by a licensed tester

G2 TECH have trained and qualified personal to carry out the testing and reporting of thermostatic mixing valves, tempering valves and back-flow prevention devices.

WATER FILTRATION, ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION, COPPER SILVER IONISATION SYSTEMS all require specialised servicing in order to maintain the equipment at optimum levels of operation. G2 TECH have vast experience in both the installation and servicing of this equipment

WATER TESTING for both class and the presence of Legionella  can be integrated into the facilities programmed maintenance  regime when required.

To ensure a maximum uptime and a reliable operation of your plant and equipment G2 TECH offers an annual preventive maintenance agreement. When selected our Computerized Maintenance Management System, or CMMS, is employed to help streamline maintenance operations. Once equipment data is entered, our CMMS is used to schedule preventative maintenance for plant, and act as a messenger service to log and deliver work orders.

*Although G2 TECH encourages a preventative maintenance program we can still be engaged for a traditional service or breakdown callout if it is a preferred option.