pump Systems

G2 TECH has over 20 years of experience in correctly sizing pump solutions in a variety of applications. Selecting the appropriate pump/set for the duty will not only reduce the capital spend from the outset but ensures a lifetime of reduced running and maintenance costs, bigger is not always better when it comes to sizing individual pumps or pump packages.

The basics of pump sizing are suction lift and the net positive suction head; flow rate and discharge pressure. Discharge pressure usually has to take into account frictional losses at the nominated peak flow rate, geodetic height and the desired residual pressure at the nominated flow rate at the most disadvantaged point of discharge. 

G2 TECH can correctly size and supply a simple individual pump right through to BMS integrated facility pump sets or SCADA controlled remote systems. As the approved supplier of the following brands we can select the best possible solution for your project, facility upgrade or service requirement.

- Grundfos
- Dab
- Bianco