G2 TECH provides innovative warm water delivery systems for a variety of applications. Our primary focus is to provide a warm water system that reduces the need for a high maintenance regime while ensuring that the legionella risk is mitigated.

Our packaged warm water systems* can be retrofitted to an existing facility or integrated at the design stage. With a centralized thermostatic mixing valve station incorporating a dual ring main pump set and sterilization system the G2- Aeris reduces installation time. It is easily maintained and has been designed in conjunction with some of the leading aged care facility providers. Delivering world-class design consultancy we provide proven warm water engineering outcomes fit for Australia's stringent regulations in all States and Territories.

With traditional warm water systems predominately relying on UV disinfection to ensure Legionella is not detected within the system they are also heavily reliant on a specialized maintenance regime. UV lamps, ballasts and sleeves are high cost spare parts and not always readily available with a system that relies on a kill on pass basis.

G2 TECH utilize the latest Copper Silver Ionization disinfection process which is the only disinfection method that will safely provide a residual barrier within the ring main and stored water vessels. With “dead legs” and decommissioned plant and facility a traditional source of legionella outbreak a residual disinfection can substantially reduce or eliminate unforeseen high legionella counts. 

At G2 TECH we offer high quality warm water equipment with long warranties sourcing the latest proven technologies. With a wealth of experience in employing a variety heat sources including;